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What is Cotup?

Cotup is a networking platform that encourages authentic connections and creates greater opportunities for productivity and collaboration. By creating vetted niche communities that share only the most relevant content for supported career growth, Cotup brings intelligent minds together to move their industries forward.

Don’t get lost in the crowd. Find your own circle of people you can trust.

Vetted Niche Communities

Leave behind the noise of other social networks. On Cotup, you’ll find niche communities created specifically for you and your peers so you can make connections with people who understand your industry inside and out. With enhanced identity and credential verification, Cotup removes a layer of anonymity to block fake accounts and prevent disingenuous interactions. Be confident as you meet vetted members and join circles by specialty in industries like law, finance, healthcare, and engineering. Experience productive relationship-building on a platform that helps you be seen and heard for who you really are.

Scroll less and speak up more. Engage with content that’s valuable to you.

Truly Relevant Content

At Cotup, we believe in quality over quantity—not just because your time is valuable but because you deserve to get the most out of everything you do. That means instead of photos of yesterday’s lunch, you’ll find relevant content on trending topics that matter to you. Finally take social media seriously with posts that stay professional and spark lively discussions among you and your peers. Plus, you can go beyond the humble brag to explore new ideas and share your own without being distracted by recruiters and salespeople. On Cotup, you’ll come for quality connections and stay for better content.

Never fear networking. Collaborate with peers to go farther in your field.

Supported Career Growth

Interrupt familiarity to discover something different. Cotup is home to fresh ideas, new perspectives, and relevant content that supports smart knowledge transfer between professionals hungry for accelerated career growth. Make progress in your path to success and overcome isolation by collaborating with your peers on projects, keeping up with industry trends, and connecting with people who’ve been in your shoes to push past everyday challenges and tackle new ones together. Cotup makes it easy to tap into the power of proximity, bringing you more opportunities to learn from experienced people and add to your list of skills.

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